Welcome to CSAW CTF Finals!

Congratulations to our finalist teams.

CSAW’21 CTF finals includes 53 teams and 194 players from 68 universities around the world.

Europe Finalists

India Finalists

MENA Finalists

Mexico Finalists

US-Canada Finalists

36-hour Final Round

MENA & Europe Regions

Start 1: 19:00 UTC, Friday 12 November
End 1: 07:00 UTC End, Sunday 14 November

India, US-CAN-Mexico Regions

Start 2: 02:00 UTC Start, Saturday 13 November
End 2: 14:00 UTC, Sunday 14 November

Global Award Ceremony

14:30 UTC, Sunday 14 November
On the CSAW Platform in the Auditorium

Register for the Qualification Round

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