Judges develop challenges and help make CSAW CTF the amazing experience that it is today

Jordan Wiens

Vector 35

Jordan started his professional career at the University of Florida where he got to do a little bit of everything security related. His love of CTFs, however, drove him to a job at a government contractor where he honed his reverse engineering and vulnerability research skills. Now, his goal in life is to become a professional CTF e-sports caster which is why he founded Vector 35. He claims he can stop buying NERF any time he wants, but no one believes him.

Rusty Wagner

Vector 35

Rusty has spent his professional career developing advanced vulnerability research and reverse engineering tools. His time both playing and running CTFs has honed his skills in everything from emulation and compiler writing to massively multiplayer online game development.

Sophia D’Antoine

Trail of Bits

Sophia D’Antoine is a security engineer at Trail of Bits in NYC and a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is a regular speaker at security conferences around the world, including RECon, HITB, and CanSecWest. Her present work includes techniques for automated software exploitation and software obfuscation using LLVM. She spends too much time playing CTF and going to noise concerts.

Alexander Taylor


In 2009, a colorblind Graphic Designer majoring in Physics decided to check out his university's "hacking club". A number of happy accidents and a Computer Engineering degree later, Alex is now a 4-time DEFCON CTF finalist working for a government contractor. He spends most of his time auditing source code, reverse engineering systems, developing custom fuzzers, and fighting with glitchy test equipment. When he's not working, though, he's playing as many games - CTFs, World of WarCraft, Super Smash Brothers, Dota 2, Hearthstone, you name it - as possible. Eventually, he'll probably settle down somewhere as a basil farmer and play with his music production tools. But, for now, Alex is on a mission to understand how the world works (and to show everyone just how broken it all is).

Brad Antoniewicz


Luminescent? Bright? Smooth? These are all words that have been used to describe Brad Antoniewicz. He is a contributing author to both the Hacking Exposed and Hacking Exposed: Wireless series of books and has authored and contributed to various internal/external Foundstone tools, training courses, whitepapers, and methodologies. Brad is also an adjunct professor at The New York University Tandon School of Engineering Polytechnic Institute located in the most almost-good neighborhood in Brooklyn, teaching vulnerability analysis and exploitation. He spends his free time doing the needful.
Twitter: @brad_anton

Brandon Edwards

Silver Sky

Brandon is a security researcher who dabbles in program analysis, vulnerability discovery, and exploitation.

Mikhail Sosonkin


Mikhail Sosonkin is a Security Researcher at SYNACK where he digs into the security aspects of low level systems. He enjoys automating aspects of reverse engineering and fuzzing in order to better understand application internals. Mikhail has a CS degree from NYU, where he has also taught Application Security, and a Software Engineering masters from Oxford University. Being a builder and a hacker at heart, his interests are in vulnerability analysis, automation, malware and reverse engineering.